The mission of the Gabriel Dumont Institute is to promote the renewal and development of Métis culture through research; materials development, collection, and distribution; and the design, development, and delivery of Métis-specific educational programs and services.
Gabriel Dumont Institute’s values are the foundation of all our interactions with students, clients, faculty, staff, the Métis community, and the general public.
Métis culture is a critical feature of all GDI programming. The institute is a conservator of Métis history and culture, a national leader in Michif-language initiatives, and a trusted source for those seeking Métis-specific information throughout the world.
GDI provides high quality programming, resources, and services to the Métis community. All GDI staff work toward our Métis-specific mandate. Professionalism and highly-qualified staff are key strengths that contribute to the successful delivery of the institute’s culturally-specific education and training programs.


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