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Business Development

Business Development provides you with the resources to plan, finance, and grow businesses

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Major Projects

Major Projects helps community leaders turn development opportunities into partnerships that bring lasting benefits to Métis communities.

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Labour Development

Labour Development helps students and workers develop and apply the skills they need to achieve long-term career satisfaction.

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Institutional Capacity

Institutional Capacity helps public servants access information related to the governance, policies, and rights of the Métis people.

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The purpose of the updated Guide to First Nations Engagement on Local Government Statutory Approvals (Guide) is to facilitate the timely processing of requests from local governments to the Province of British Columbia (Province) for statutory approval of:
• Boundary changes and restructures, under Part 2 of the Local Government Act;
• Bylaw adoption or amendment of an official community plan for the Islands Trust Act, s.
• Adoption or amendment of zoning bylaw for bylaws adopted after March 1990 or not
covered by an official community plan approval by the minister after March 1990,
Islands Trust Act, s. 56; and,
• Official community plan bylaw for the Resort Municipality of Whistler Act, s. 11 and
other mountain resort municipalities if required by Letters Patent.


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