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Business Development

Business Development provides you with the resources to plan, finance, and grow businesses

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Major Projects

Major Projects helps community leaders turn development opportunities into partnerships that bring lasting benefits to Métis communities.

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Labour Development

Labour Development helps students and workers develop and apply the skills they need to achieve long-term career satisfaction.

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Institutional Capacity

Institutional Capacity helps public servants access information related to the governance, policies, and rights of the Métis people.

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The Government of Alberta (“Alberta”) is committed to strengthening relationships with First Nations through the continued recognition of the Treaty relationship between First Nations and the Crown. Alberta’s legal duty to consult and accommodate is grounded in the honour of the Crown. Under this Policy, Alberta will seek to reconcile First Nations’ constitutionally protected rights with other societal interests with a view to substantially address adverse impacts on Treaty rights and traditional uses through a meaningful consultation process.

Alberta’s management and development of provincial Crown lands and natural resources is subject to its legal and constitutional duty to consult First Nations and, where appropriate, accommodate their interests when Crown decisions may adversely impact their continued exercise of constitutionally protected Treaty rights. In this document, “decisions relating to land and natural resource management” refers to provincial Crown decisions that directly involve the management of land, water, air, forestry, or fish and wildlife. 


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