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Business Development

Business Development provides you with the resources to plan, finance, and grow businesses

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Major Projects

Major Projects helps community leaders turn development opportunities into partnerships that bring lasting benefits to Métis communities.

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Labour Development

Labour Development helps students and workers develop and apply the skills they need to achieve long-term career satisfaction.

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Institutional Capacity

Institutional Capacity helps public servants access information related to the governance, policies, and rights of the Métis people.

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Under provincial environmental laws, you must consult with First Nation and Métis communities during the environmental assessment process.

The nature of consultation will vary depending on the project.

Sometimes, First Nation and Métis communities will be consulted based on interests; other times, a project might impact established or asserted Aboriginal rights of First Nations or Métis communities.

As a proponent, you have an important and direct role in the consultation process.

Where the Crown’s duty to consult is triggered, procedural aspects of rights-based consultation are delegated to the proponent. This means that the Crown delegates some activities of consultation to the proponent to carry out.

Proponents should discuss with each identified and potentially affected First Nation and Métis community how to prevent or mitigate any potential adverse effects a proposed project may have on their Aboriginal or treaty rights, established or asserted.


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