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This document is a three-part report by Eric Howe for the Gabriel Dumont Institute. The three reports, taken together, paint a compelling economic picture for bridging the Aboriginal education gap in Saskatchewan and for the success of GDI’s teacher education program.
Eric Howe is a well-respected Professor in the Department of Economics at the University of Saskatchewan. He has been writing and publishing on the topic of the economic impact of Aboriginal education and employment for a number of years. As such, GDI engaged Professor Howe to conduct research into the impacts of the Saskatchewan Urban Native Teacher Education Program (SUNTEP), the longest running and only permanent professional degree program of GDI.
The report title, Mishchet aen kishkayhtamihk nawut ki wiichiihtonaan: Bridging the Aboriginal Education Gap in Saskatchewan, begins with a Michif phrase which means “The more knowledge we have the more we help one another.” We chose this title to honour our Métis heritage language, and our Elders, the traditional knowledge keepers, who have taught us that learning, sharing knowledge, and helping one another is a cherished traditional value.
Part I of the report outlines lifetime earnings in Saskatchewan by level of education. There are Aboriginal/ non-Aboriginal education gaps at all levels of education—high school, post-secondary non-university, and university. 
Part II of the report outlines what it would take to bridge the Aboriginal education gap and asks the pertinent question, “How much is Saskatchewan’s economy wasting because of the Aboriginal education gap?”
Part III of the report provides a summary of Parts I and II and then provides as an addendum with additional details on a macroeconomic analysis of “the first ever made-in-Saskatchewan boom.”