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Business Development

Business Development provides you with the resources to plan, finance, and grow businesses

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Major Projects

Major Projects helps community leaders turn development opportunities into partnerships that bring lasting benefits to Métis communities.

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Labour Development

Labour Development helps students and workers develop and apply the skills they need to achieve long-term career satisfaction.

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Institutional Capacity

Institutional Capacity helps public servants access information related to the governance, policies, and rights of the Métis people.

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The goal of the AAIP is to:
  • Increase Aboriginal participation in Alberta’s economy and workforce.
  • The AAIP is designed to provide tangible learning, work experience and professional development for interns as well as facilitate cultural exchange and the building of relationships among government, Aboriginal people and other stakeholders.

Why Apply for an Alberta Aboriginal Internship:

  • As part of the AAIP, you will help build government to community-based relationships while gaining valuable work experience. This Program will help you launch your career and give you the skills to be successful in the Alberta Public Service. 


  • The AAIP is a two year program involving various Government of Alberta ministries and a community partner that is an Aboriginal organization or one which provides programs and services to Aboriginal people.


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