The Aboriginal Entrepreneurship, Community Opportunity Readiness, and Lands and Economic Development Services Programs will all use set, fixed, flexible and block contribution funding approaches for transfer payments to Aboriginal recipients, as described in the Directive on Transfer Payments (Appendix K: Transfer Payments to Aboriginal Recipients) and according to the Department's Directive 121 – Financial Reporting for the management of transfer payments.
The Alternative Funding Arrangement and Flexible Transfer Payment mechanisms will remain in effect, as required, until the expiration of existing funding arrangements that contain these mechanisms.
What activities are eligible for funding?
Activities eligible for funding are listed on each program webpage:
  • Aboriginal Entrepreneurship
  • Procurement Strategy for Aboriginal Business
  • Community Opportunity Readiness
  • Lands and Economic Development Services
  • Targeted Funding:
  • Community Economic Development
  • Reserve Lands and Environment Management
  • First Nations Land Management
  • Strategic Partnerships Initiative
  • Federal Contaminated Sites Action Plan


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